The MORPHEUS ND represents a real innovation in the field of anesthesia, designed with the help of proven anesthesiologists.


The anaesthesia machine Morpheus ND HYBRID is available in two versions:

  • Hybrid system with descending bellows (Europe)
  • Hybrid system with ascending bellows (Usa)

The Hybrid system is the only patented system and provides a turbine system used for driving of primary breathing system. Thanks to this system, medical gases are used as fresh gases only, allowing to reduce considerably the cost for lower oxygen consumption.
Morpheus ND Hybrid is the anesthesia device par excellence, the safest and most functional on the market today.

It was made to last over time and it is compliant with all the safety requirements necessary for both the patient and the operator. In particular:

  • PROTOLOCK safety system detects a possible reversal of the incoming gases, such as oxygen and nitrous oxide.
  • Built-in turbine system leads to zero oxygen cost
  • Pneumatic feeding with double motorisation: thanks to two primary motors, in case of failure the machine continues working by the pneumatic system.
  • All commands have double valve controls
  • The circuit is completely autoclavable and heated
  • All machine handling costs are covered with oxygen saving!
  • Morpheus ND Hybrid represents a real investment. In three years costs are amortized
  • Its small size, only 25 kg, makes it suitable for being positioned even on a light pendant unit

Optional accessories

Code 05050: Trolley for Morpheus ND


MND.SE-T MORPHEUS ND Anaesthesia machine with descending bellows system
MND.SE-T/US MORPHEUS ND Anaesthesia machine with ascending bellows system