About Us

Who we are

Design and production of
electromedical equipment for
anesthesia and resuscitation.


Siare Engineering International Group

Siare Engineering International Group S.p.A. over 45 years it has worked professionally and competently in the design and production of electromedical equipment, exporting its products to all over the world.


Code of ethics



All our work is based on scientific research and the development of medical technologies of the highest level to ensure the highest quality of life-saving products. Constantly improving our products means improving the lives of patients and the quality of their health care.


We bring the high technology of “Made in Italy” in the world, always developing innovative products of the highest quality, guaranteeing accuracy in the design and continuous research into cutting-edge technologies.

Our Values

  • Rispect, honesty, safety and loyalty
  • Integrity, fairness and transparency
  • Fairness and impartiality
  • Compliance with laws and standards
  • Confidentiality about processes, activities and personal information
  • Cooperation
  • Quality and passion
  • Diversity and inclusion


Siare Engineering International Group S.p.A. was founded in 1974 by its current CEO, Mr Giuseppe Preziosa, a top expert in the segments of anaesthesia and Intensive Care.
Inserted in a strategic and highly productive context such as that of Emilia Romagna, already home to important car manufacturers and leading companies in the field of automation.
The headquarters is located in the industrial area of Crespellano-Valsamoggia, near Bologna.

Corporate Departments

Research and Development Division

The team of Engineers is employed daily in the design of equipment with a high technological standard and highly innovative in the medical field.


The quality control department carries out the testing of all SIARE products following precise control procedures, according to ISO 13485 standards.

Maintenance and Service Department

Our technical and engineering team guarantees fast and efficient technical assistance both for the domestic and international market, through authorized distributors

Production Lines

In the production area (3,000 sqm) the equipments are designed and manufactured, divided as follows:

  • Anaesthesia: Anaesthesia machines and ventilators
  • Resuscitation: Ventilators for intensive care
  • First Aid: Portable emergency ventilators
  • Home care ventilators
  • Monitoring: Multiparametric monitors and Central monitoring station

Commercial Division

In this area the two commercial departments of Siare converge:

  • Sales Department for domestic market
  • Sales Department for international market

Both departments can count on highly qualified personnel attentive to the needs of individual Italian and international distributors

Accounting and Finance Department

Our administrative managers are responsible for the administrative, accounting and fiscal management of the company.

Meeting Room

In this dedicated space useful for meetings and conference calls, technical and commercial training courses are periodically planned.

Show Room

Inside our headquarters we have got a permanent exhibition allowing our customers to see all our equipments in their respective context of reference and use:

  • Operating room
  • Intensive care
  • Neonatal Intensive care unit