The collaboration between Siare and Hospitium grows stronger

The collaboration between Siare and Hospitium grows stronger

The partnership between Siare and Hospitium is reinforced. A strategic agreement to provide essential help to hospitals and staff in Mexico to deal with Covid-19 has been established.

Immediately after the reopening of national borders and after having supplied 2,000 lung ventilators produced in the midst of the health emergency to Italian Hospitals, Siare made itself available immediately to help Mexico in the supply of medical devices for respiratory assistance, necessary to enhance intensive care wards.

The goal achieved is the result of many years of collaboration and teamwork carried out with speed, harmony and a great understanding between SIARE Export Sales Department and Hospitium, a young and skilled  company. Thanks to the great work carried out in synergy between Siare and Hospitium, in recent months, more than 1,300 lung ventilators have been installed in Mexico in the Intensive Care Departments of the INSABI, SEMAR, ISSSTE, IMSS hospitals and other national institutions.

“Thanks to these numbers, Siare has acquired a leading position in the Mexican market, in addition to having contributed to help health care and the Mexican people, we are proud of the company’s result in a strategic territory ”concludes the General manager Gianluca Preziosa.