PneuTest II, high quality in lung simulation

PneuTest II, high quality in lung simulation

The continuous improvements and technological innovations that have affected the world of ventilation in recent years have allowed us to improve and make the medical devices we manufacture more performing.

Furthermore, the verification of the performance of the devices requires the use of appropriate tools, specially conceived and designed. It is precisely the desire to improve and perfect ourselves that led us to develop PneuTest II, a lung simulator that meets the same quality standards as our lung ventilators: excellent performance and ease of use.

PneuTest II overcomes the limits that characterize a traditional test lung (balloon), being a passive test lung capable of simulating all types of patients. By varying the compliance (by moving the spring) and replacing the resistance, it is possible to adapt the simulator to adult, pediatric or neonate patients with extreme practicality. A real peculiarity in the field of ventilation accessories.

Suitable for training and testing in normobaric and hyperbaric areas, PneuTest II allows you to evaluate performance in a wide range of specific values or those that can be selected by the operator

PneuTest II is the versatile and high quality lung simulator ideal for testing any lung function and suitable for any type of medical device for ventilation.