Covid-19: 2000 lung ventilators manufactured

Covid-19: 2000 lung ventilators manufactured

Collaboration between Siare -Agenzia Industrie Difesa has finished in advance

On Friday 29 May, the civil and military technical staff of the Defense Industries Agency produced the pulmonary ventilator No. 2000.

It was March 6, when the Prime Minister and Civil Protection called us to face a titanic challenge: to produce 2000 lung ventilators by July to face the Covid-19 emergency. In 4 months we had to produce the equivalent of 1 year and a half of work.

We accepted the challenge, with a patriotic spirit, ready to help our country by any means possible, but we knew that it was impossible on our own, we needed help.
So, we thought to ask the Ministry of Defense a support through the Defense Industries Agency. Their help would have been essential for significantly increasing the production of lung ventilators.

Led by Col. Botto and Te. Col. Poles, the men of AID after a very short training and a few days of running in, helped by Siare staff, were immediately able to produce 50 lung ventilators a day with an extreme speed and precision. Thanks to an extraordinary teamwork and to everybody’skills , we have reached the goal and we have completed our committment two months in advance

At the end of the work done, the words of Gianluca Preziosa, General Manager: “A great team, called to carry out a titanic challenge. We won and we are proud to have made history “.