Portable emergency ventilator of small dimensions and light weight suitable for the respiratory treatment of adults, children and new born babies both by invasive intubation and face mask.


Main features

–    Volumetric, time cycled, pressure limited with wide programme of ventilatory modes:
–    Minute volume: from 1 to 16 lpm
–    Pressure limit: from 0 to 50 cm H2O
–    Tidal volume from 15 to 3000 ml
–    Rate: from 5 to 70 bpm
–    Trigger pressure: from -1 to -5 cm H2O
–    PEEP: settable from 0 to 20 cm H2O
–    Integrated mixing device with possibility to set oxygen mixture at 50% and 100%.
–    Acoustic and visual alarms for: apnoea, low battery level, high pressure, low pressure, gas supply failure and power supply failure.
–    Battery autonomy: 6 hours with possibility to join up to 24 hours autonomy by adding an optional battery pack.

The ventilator is supplied with handle

The ventilator is supplied with handle to be hooked on patient bed, stretcher and on 30×10 mm. wall bar.

Version on professional stainless steel tubular system

Version on professional stainless steel tubular system and bag to facilitate the transport of the ventilator with housing for a 2 lts. oxygen cylinder complete
with support with rapid connection for installation in ambulance.

Rapid connection plate

Rapid connection plate for ventilator tubular support for ambulance installation.

Emergency transport lung ventilator for armed forces

The SIARE S2/T emergency ventilator “Armed Forces Line ” is designed for treatment of adult, paediatric andneonatal patients, both for intubated ones or with mask.
The numerous ventilation modalities of the SIARE S2/T emergency ventilator “Armed Forces Line ”ventilator allow a very flexibleand safe use.

Optional accessories

A26.049048 Trolley for ventilator with 5 wheels and 1 basket for accessories
 Castor LT trolley for ventilator
Stainless steel patient circuit supporting arm with clamp
G00208001 Ventilator support with housing for one lt. O2 cylinder
 Plate for rapid connection of tubular support (code G00208000)
 Silicon patient circuit
 Disposable PVC patient circuit
 Additional battery pack (12 hours autonomy)
For other accessories, please refer to the price list in force.


09436 Sirio S2/T portable emergency ventilator
09436.VM Sirio S2/T portable emergency ventilator “armed forces line”