ARIA 150

ARIA 150 is an advanced intensive care lung ventilator for the respiratory treatment of acute and chronic adult, paediatric and newborn patients.
ARIA 150 incorporates a turbine air flow generator and advanced features for operative modes management.


ARIA 150 is a latest generation lung ventilator on trolley, suitable for intensive care bed, with a turbine flow generator that makes it autonomous from compressed air.

Equipped as standard with a large 15” touch screen, it is able to offer a wide range of operating modes suitable for invasive and non-invasive ventilations of adults, children and newborns. The system allows to precisely set and analyze tidal volumes starting from 2 ml up to 3000 ml. Great ability to compensate leaks and to deliver a maximum flow of over 240 l/min with and without pressure support.


960502/A: ARIA 150 lung ventilator