Magnetic Flow Sensor

An exclusive flow sensor conceived for applications in pulmonary ventilation
Siare Engineering International Group in 1993 decided to design a dedicated flow sensor for spirometry applications in lung ventilation.

The flow sensors that have always been used on lung ventilators were industrial products,  they measured ambient air and were therefore able to analyze linear and clean flows (air) – over time adapted by the manufacturers to the medical applications. In past decades, various models have come and gone on the market: turbine systems, hot-wire, double-pressure systems. Each of these systems was characterized by various problems, because they did not take into account that in the lung mechanical ventilation the flows to be analyzed (breath) are charged with acids and humidity. Therefore, Siare has decided to create a system able to take into account all the problems that other sensors had and currently still have.
SIARE flow sensor is based on a metallic film with magnetic permeability, connected to the base by 2 coils and a corresponding signal is detected and converted into voltage.This system has advantages:
• not affected by humidity;
• it’s able to accurately analyze very small flows starting from 2 ml;
• it is a sterilizable system and it’is installed on the machine on the expiratory valve.