The MORPHEUS LT-MRI is an anaesthesia machine compatible for Magnetic Resonance rooms from 1,5 T (15000 G) and from 3 T (30000 G) and positionable at a min. distance from the magnet corresponding to a field of 20 mT (200 G).


The MORPHEUS LT – MRI is a machine for gaseous anesthesia suitable to administer mixtures of Oxygen – Air – Nitrous Oxide – Halothane – Enfluorane – Isoflurane – Sevoflurane – Desflurane, compatible for use in Magnetic Resonances from 1.5 to 3 Tesla suitable for the treatment of adult patients, children and babies.
The MORPHEUS LT – MRI anesthesia machine includes:
• 5 hoses for mixing gases
• electronic lung ventilator with 165 x 145 mm dual color display and membrane keyboard with encoder
• valve group: open, semi-closed, closed, heated, with 1.5 kg soda lime absorber
• Selectatec compatible quick release device for 2 vaporizers
• centralized gas supply unit


OM3.A5s/RMN MORPHEUS LT – MRI: Anaesthesia machine for adults, children and new-born babies compatible for use in Magnetic Resonances.