Icu ventilators - SIARETRON 4000

Main features

The Siaretron 4000 ventilation system delivers controlled or spontaneous ventilations with a re-adjustable level of end expiration positive pressure (PEEP), of the trigger sensitivity and oxygen concentration

The ventilator is suitable for ventilation of adult, paediatric and neonatal patients. It is equipped with a flow and pressure trigger, it provides the most advanced volume controlled ventilation modalities (VC/VAC, VC/VAC-BABY), pressure controlled ventilation modalities (APCV, APCV-TV), SIMV by Volume and by Pressure, Pressure supported modalities (PSV, PSV-TV), CPAP, BILEVEL S-ST, SIGH, Non Invasive Ventilation (NIV), Drug Nebulizer and Manual Ventilation (MAN).

A spontaneous ventilation allows patient inspiratory flows up to a max. of 240 L/min, with or without pressure support.

The battery, in perfect conditions and fully charged, allows the ventilator to operate for at least 90 minutes (without compressor and/or humidifier), allowing to power the ventilator in case of transport within hospital facilities.  



  • User's Manual
  • O2 supply hose
  • AIR supply hose
  • Nebulizer set
  • Silicone patient circuit
  • Antibacterial filter
  • Power cable
  • O2 cell


Code 960401 : Siaretron 4000 gas driven (Adults, Paediatric, Newborns)

Code 960402 : Siaretron 4000 oxygen driven ventilator with built-in turbine (Adults, Paediatric, Newborns)

Code 960403 : Siaretron 4000 gas driven (Paediatric, Newborns)