Monitoring - Neptune 15"

Neptune 15" vital signs multi parameter monitor               Vital signs multi parameters monitor.  

The portable patient monitor (15”) Neptune 15 is suitable for adult, paediatric and neonatal applications. It can monitor vital signs as ECG, Respiratory Rate, SPO2 Masimo, NIBP,  Dual IBP, CO2, O2, N2O, anesthesia agents and Dual-TEMP.
The Neptune 15" integrates parameter measuring modules, display and recorder in one device, featuring in compactness, lightweight and portability.
Its built-in battery facilitates the transportation of patient. Large high-resolution display provides clear view of waveforms.
The Neptune 15" provides extensive functions as visible & audible alarm, storage and report printout, trend data, NIBP measurements, Mainstream or Sidestream CO2 module can be installed on the system optionally.
The Neptune 15" is a user-friendly device with operations conducted by a few buttons on the front panel and a rotary knob. 

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